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League of Legends -  Champion Profile Rengar

Rengar the Pridestalker is a League of Legends champion that fulfills the roles of an assassin and fighter. He is from the Vastaya race but he didn't grow up among his kin. Rengar was raised by a human hunter from which he learned the secrets of the hunt. His physique and innate abilities allowed him to become more than just a skilled hunter. He lives for the delight of the hunt. He enjoys collecting trophies from the monsters he takes down but there's no greater pleasure than the challenge of a new opponent. If you want to play this character, buy LOL RP Card now to start your game.

Rengar's ultimate ability is called Unseen Predator. He can perform stealth basic attacks that generate a special resource called ferocity. When he gains four ferocity he will empower his next attack and also gain a movement speed bonus. Rengar gets a permanent attack damage boost when he kills enemy champions. The maximum boost is 30% which is achieved by killing five enemies. His basic attacks are savagery, battle roar, and bola strike. Each one of these attacks generates one ferocity. Savagery deals a frontal arc attack and also pierces enemies. It deals physical damage with each strike. If this ability is empowered it deals more damage. Battle roar does damage to enemies and heals the caster. When this ability is empowered, it also removes crowd control and boosts the healing effect.

Bola strike is a ranged basic ability that deals physical damage and slows the target. The empowered effect is rooting the target. Thrill of the Hunt is Rengar's special ability. He will enter stealth and receive a bonus to movement speed. The other effect of this ability is discovering the location of the enemy champion that is the closest and boosting the critical strike chance for this target to 100%. This ability is extremely useful as it allows the player to make quick work of priority targets. In combination with Unseen Predator, this ability allows Rengar to quickly get rid of enemies. For more information about League of Legends here.


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